Nice One On a Tenkara Rod from Australia!

By / July 1, 2016 / Rainbow Trout

Latest report from Steve in Australia has trout caught on the fly with a Tenkara Rod! Steve sends a picture of one trout – first one on a Tenkara Rod and a brief summary of the trip below.

I went up to Marysville on Tuesday afternoon and fished my tenkara rod in the recently stocked lake. Once I got used to the limited casting range, I really enjoyed it. With the 8 foot rod, 12 foot level line and 6 foot of 3 pound tippet, I could reach out over 20 feet, which was quite adequate. I tried soft hackle flies and nymphs but had no luck with them. Changed to a black Woolly Worm and caught and released 6 nice pan size rainbows. All up pretty happy with the outfit, even if it was a little under gunned for lake fishing. Looking forward to trying the tenkara rod in the local creeks in September.

For more pictures from Australia as well as fish of interest sent by Readers, do check out the Fishing Bulletin Board!

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