No Fishing Today; Tunes and Burgers Instead #allensummersounds

By / June 20, 2017 / Fishing

No fishing today. Decided to check out the Allen Summer Sounds concert. Today, Jolie Holliday and Sonny Burgess brought some great music to Bethany Lakes – the Team’s stomping grounds for fishing.

Although Bethany Lakes had us wanting to fish, the music and the free burgers from In-N-Out Burger kept us chillin’ in the grass.

Had a great time!


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Music festivals are always a lot of fun–especially when there is free food involved! Decent looking burger you are tucking into—more so because it’s free. It’s very rare to get free anything here in OZ. The closest we might get is the $2 sausage in bread from a Boy Scout sausage sizzle fund raiser. Mmmmm–sausages–might need to buy some today–the local butchers pork or chicken sausages are superb.
Haven’t been out fishing lately–the weather has been wet and miserable on my days off and I’ve been battling a severe cold over the last week or so. Our trout stream season ended two weeks ago, so I’ll be restricted to lakes and stillwaters until September.
I finally got a photo of an OZ trout with a Near Deere hanging out of it’s mouth. I’ll load the pic onto my computer and send it to you in an email.
Take care Glenn and have a burger for me at the next music festival you go to!


Always great hearing from you Steve! Bummer on the cold and the ending of trout season. Looks like there are other things to be caught once you are over the cold. Hopefully, soon. Great to hear a Trout from Oz went for a Near Deere! Will be on the lookout for the picture!

All the best, and will have another burger free or not for you a the next music festival!


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