Only One On The Blue River Plus a Road Trip Song? #blueriver #troutfishing

By / November 5, 2017 / Blue River, Rainbow Trout

Was a tough round on the Blue River today. Saw others catching trout; yours truly struggled, but did finally land one – a small stocker. That said, had a great time on the river, even put a song together inspired while on the road to the Blue… Blue River not Blue Bayou that is.

Morning was chilly but things warmed up later… maybe too hot for trout fishing? Also, the wind kicked up as well. Luckily, was able to gain even more distance with the OPST Commando Head on the 9′ 5wt. Still need more practice and did switch to a floating tip in lieu of the sinking tip so as to fish a tandem rig under a strike indicator.

Next round, hope to get more than one trout, but till then we hope the “road trip inspired” song / video “inspires others to fish Lady Blue!

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