OPST Commando Head for the TFO 6WT Rod and Echo Ion Fly Reel

By / January 25, 2019 / Fishing

Liking the newest fly rod (TFO Pro II 9′ 6wt) in the Team’s arsenal of fly fishing gear. Cast well with the Rio Trout Max Shooting Head. Cast well with a traditional fly line. But, really like the 200 grain OPST Commando Head that we use on our mojo 5wt combo – Redington Classic Trout 9′ 5wt and Echo Ion Fly Reel 4/5wt.

After a quick check online on the OPST website, determined the 225 grain OPST Commando Head would work for the TFO fly rod. Put an order in but decided to forego the Lazarline Mono running line. Instead, found a coated running line that would feel more like a fly line than the mono one.

The mono line makes for some distance casting but line management is key, else a tangle here and there may have to be dealt with while fishing. Going to try the coated running line and see how it casts and shoots… may lose on distance or not… will see!

For the leader, went with a 5′ Airflo Extra Fast Sinking Tip and the 5′ of 4lbs tippet. Should make for some fun fishing when the fish are lurking deep.

Do stay tuned! Will post videos on how this setup does while out and about fishing!

PS: Tied a few fishing flies and picked up more tying material and Corqs Strike Indicators, too!

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