OPST Skagit Commando Head for 9′ 5wt Rod #flyfishing

By / October 22, 2017 / Fishing

Been itching to try the OPST Skagit Commando Head on our mojo fly rod – Redingtion Classic Trout 9′ 5WT. Put an order in at Red’s Fly Shop, now just waiting for the package to arrive.

Concept of spey casting one-handed with a short Skagit head appeals to us. Went with the recommended 200 grain OPST Commando Head, 35lbs Lazar Line, and a 5′ Commando Micro Tip (sinking tip).

Going to give it a try as soon as we can but until then, here are couple of videos to remind us why we want to give this concept a try… especially like the thought of casting with “half a 9′ 5 wt fly rod”! (first video has no sound but footage “paints” a great picture on how it casts on a one-handed fly rod)

OPST Commando Head:

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