Ordered the Iwana Tenkara Rod at 30% Discount #tenkarafishing

By / April 2, 2020 / Fishing

Was out fishing a local creek earlier this week. Caught a few Bluegill with the 2wt flyrod but was wanting for the tenkara rod as the creek was lined with brush and offered minimal access as well as casting room. Lots of roll casting and switch casting was the key. Unfortunately, lost the video… deleted it by accident.

No worries, trip triggered your’s truly to search online for tenkara sales… and with luck, found Tenkara USA was offering a 30% discount on their rods. Nice!

Noted the Iwana Tenkara Rod that we have been eyeing for several years was at our price point… $119 plus $14 for shipping. Order is in… now waiting for delivery.

While we wait, will take out the old Tenkara Rod and wet a line or two. Due check back on updates on our Tenkara adventures!

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