Our Favorite Kayak Fishing Sandals – Columbia Ridgeway! #kayaking #columbia #kayakfishing

By / July 19, 2020 / Fishing

Been missing the kayaking sandals but finally found the replacement pair – Columbia’s Ridgeway!

Water shoes were not cutting it; this will be our fourth pair of Columbia Sandals – First two were Santiams (I think), third one was the Riptide, and this one is a Ridgeway.

Columbia is our favorite for fishing shirts and kayaking sandals…. will see how the Ridgeway works out this season and on!

In the past, the sandals stay secure, can get wet but not slippery, and makes a cool tan line when you take them off!

Do stay tuned for more kayak fishing videos… and be on the lookout for the Kayak Fishing Sandals!

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