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By / February 28, 2016 / Fishing

Fished McKinney’s Towne Lake Saturday morning, and then fished Prosper’s Frontier Park Pond afterwards.

Took a little work to find the pattern at Towne Lake. But, did find it… Olive Near Deere was the “go to ” fishing fly again. But, the key was the retrieve – let the fishing fly sink counting to ten, and the a long pull every 2-4 seconds.

Light strikes were the norm that morning. So, we had to pay close attention to the line for any hesitation, resistance, or “twitch” while retrieving.

Later in Prosper, had another tough time figuring the pattern; that is, did not find the pattern. Did get one trout to take the Olive Near Deere and another went for a Soft Hackle Prince Nymph. Was using a Tandem Rig with the Near Deere as the lead fishing fly and the Soft Hackle as the trailer.

Did see others catching them. The key was Power Bait… water was murky and the trout were stocked in the whole pond like the first year when the Trout Derby was held at Frontier Park. In previous years, the trout were stocked in a smaller area of the pond using a net to restrict them.

Overall has a great time getting out on what started as a cold morning but later warmed nicely!


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