Out and About Sunday, A Bass Takes A Griffiths Gnat, then A Strike Out, and then Hail!

By / March 29, 2019 / Fishing

Out an about Sunday, March 24… stopped at Bethany Lakes in Allen for a try at the bass on their beds with a fishing fly we made for trout but modified it some to go for bass.

Change of plans though… bass did not want to strike anything on their beds. Instead, a hatch started and they started feeding on them… some little bug, so we went with a Griffith’s Gnat and caught one, lost others, and then on to another pond later in the day.

Struck out at the other pond, plus had to call it early do to a passing storm. Looked like it was going to miss us, so started grilling along and chilling with a Margarita or two!

It did not… storm arrived and hailed on us too! Bummer… at least we got the grilling done! Plus caught a Bass!

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