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Been a tough go getting out and fishing this past week. Did check out Crowley Park in Richardson and Celebration Park. Also, made it out to Celebration Park today. Struck out at Crowley Park, caught a Golden Shiner at Celebration, and the two more today at Celebration. These quick trips will have to do for now but there is a Trout Derby in Frisco Saturday!

Log Book Entry: 2/07/17

  • Location: Celebration Park – North Pond (Allen)
  • Time: 12:30- 13:00
  • Weax: Clear, “Short Sleeves”, Breezy
  • Rod: Two Piece Micro Fly Rod 00WT – 4’3″
  • Reel: Go Fast and Light Micro Fly Reel – Level Fly Line from 5wt running line portion



  • Another warm day but windy too!
  • Saw midges hatching and some fish going for them but the wind made it tough to fish dry flies.
  • Switched to the Rainbow Midge and got several light strikes, and then hooked into two Golden Shiners!



  • Golden Shiner – 3″ – Rainbow Midge – Sz 16
  • Golden Shiner – 4″ – Rainbow Midge – Sz 16


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