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Was hoping to go kayak fishing Friday, but was sidetracked by other things. Did get the video from last weekend where we fished Collin Creek Marina using our Heritage Featherlite and Pelican Catch 100 kayaks. Although we did not get a fish, was able to demo some techniques uses while kayak fishing and got to learn more about the Pelican Catch 100’s feel and handling.

Lessons learned… use a longer paddle and set the chair to the high position. Short paddles and low position, results in the paddle bumping against the hand grip on the sides.

Else, the kayak is stable and maneuverable. Paddles well but is not built for speed. However, once you get the momentum started, maintaining a good pace not an issue!

Also, very easy to stand up and sit down in the kayak. Strong winds on the lake that day; no issue noted when standing or sitting back down again!