Eagle’s Nest “aka In-N-Out Burger” Pond…! #switchrod #flyfishing

By / September 24, 2017 / Fishing

Decided to try another pond that we have not fished for some time. This time went to the pond behind In-N-Out Burger in Allen. It’s formal name is Eagles Nest Catch and Release Pond but we like to call it In-N-Out Pond for ease of reference. Brought the six weight Switch Rod this time, and… [read more]

Q&A: DIY Wooden Trout Net…! #flyfishing

By / September 23, 2017 / Fishing

Held a YouTube Q&A session to answer questions from Readers about the wooden trout net we are making. Intent was to build one that would be durable, did not tangle with fishing flies when landing a fish, and could be made cheaply without special tools…

Quick Trip to Village Trails with the 4 Weight! #flyfishing

By / September 23, 2017 / Bass, Bluegill

Fighting a cold this past week but finally got to wet a line this morning. Decided to bring the Redington 4 Weight Rod with the Ross Flystart #2 Reel this time. A fun rod we like to use in local ponds during the trout stocking season. For the pond, we went to the Village Trails… [read more]

Wooden Trout Net is Progressing…! #flyfishing

By / September 22, 2017 / Fishing

Been fighting a cold plus still got lots of work to do with our day jobs. Did get to tinker around with the homemade wooden trout net. Still have a ways to go but hope to be done by trout stocking time! Once the frame is finished, will add a paracord handle wrap, magnet release… [read more]

Fishing Addiction #4: “Just a Cloud” #fishingaddiction

By / September 17, 2017 / Fishing

Fishing Addiction #4 is the case where a Fishing Addict continues to fish despite approaching inclement weather. Typically, a stray Summer rain shower may pop up while we are out fishing. Most often, it is “just a cloud” passing through, and in short order, we can resume fishing once the cloud passes. Other times, we… [read more]

Windy Day on Lavon Today! #juglining #jugfishing

By / September 16, 2017 / Fishing

Was a tough day on Lavon today with lots of winds and waves.  Put out jug lines and had a couple of strikes but no Catfish. Did land a Gaspergou to avoid a strikeout!   windy day #juglining #jugfishing on #lakelavon today. at least we did not strikeout… caught a #gaspergou #fishing A post shared… [read more]

More Switch Rod Practice… Plano East Senior High School! #switchrod #flyfishing

By / September 14, 2017 / Fishing

More practice with the Switch Rod. This time went to Plano East Senior High School to fish the catch and release ponds. Ongoing construction has limited access to one of the ponds but still managed to catch a fish or two! One was a Bass went for a Tube Popper Fishing Fly, another was a… [read more]

Blue River for Switch Rod Casting Practice…! #switchrod #flyfishing

By / September 10, 2017 / Blue River

Made it to the Blue River today to check things out. Great day to go… only one little Bass this round but did get lots of casting practice in with the Switch Rod – 6 Weight Cabelas TLR combined with the Liquid Lamson 4 and the Rio Switch Chucker line is balancing well. Getting great… [read more]

Bethany for Switch Rod Practice…! #switchrod

By / September 9, 2017 / Fishing

Cool temps has us itching for trout fishing. Not able to go, but did get a round of casting practice with the switch rod. Even managed to catch a bass. Went with different casts including the modified switch cast where we tuck the rod butt under in our armpit and don’t lift our shoulder to… [read more]

…Kayak Fishing Rigs for Texoma! #kayakfishing #texoma

By / September 8, 2017 / Fishing

Had a question from one of our Readers about the fishing rigs we used when kayak fishing for Striped Bass on Lake Texoma. Put a video clip together describing what we used recently. Things change so be prepared to change lures until you find a pattern! For the most part, we like to have on… [read more]

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