COAF Field Team Vlog #41 – Kayak Fishing Texoma Today! #kayakfishing #texoma

By / July 23, 2017 / Fishing

Been itching to kayak fish Texoma for some time but kept getting sidetracked with other things until this morning! Made the run up to Texoma and put in a Spillway Ramp. Been awhile since we been up here… Dave’s Ski and Tackle is now a Lonestar Store and the Ramp fee at Spillway Ramp is… [read more]

Turtles Skilled at Stealing Your Bait! #waterwolfcamera #waterwolf

By / July 22, 2017 / Fishing

Fished the North Pond at Celebration this evening. Brought bread for bait and the Water Wolf Camera to capture the underwater action. Got a number of video clips; still putting the video together. But, did want to get this clip out… it shows one turtle skillfully stealing our bait without getting itself hooked! Thought it… [read more]

Finally Made It Out… Bethany Lakes We Fished! #flyfishing #bethanylakes

Been out of pocket this past week but did make it the Bethany Lakes this evening to end the work week and to start the weekend. What better way to do so, then wetting a line and fishing a pond! This round it was two Bass, and then several Bluegill and Sunfish. All went for… [read more]

Modified the Stocker Trout Fishing Hat…! #stockertroutfishing

By / July 17, 2017 / Fishing

Several months ago we had two hats embroidered with out website’s address – It was actually one hat with the address. The other hat was a typo; we forgot the Trout in To remedy the situation, we hand-embroidered the word Trout onto the hat; however, it was hard to decipher the word… [read more]

Slight Rain Delay, Else More Jug Fishing at Highland Park! #jugfishing #juglining #lakelavon

By / July 15, 2017 / Fishing

Rain had us delayed this morning but after the “cloud” passed was able to set jug lines. Today’s catch was four Catfish – one caught kayak fishing, three caught jug fishing. Smallest was 13″, then 15″, 18″ and 20″ in length. Used four different jug lines – the ones we made recently, Jugger jug lines,… [read more]

Another Article… “Fishing In Galveston” #saltwaterfishing #galveston #galvestonfishing

By / July 14, 2017 / Saltwater Fishing

Since the run to the Galveston last month, we have been missing the Texas Coast and the saltwater fishing that it offers.  Although we have had several rounds of kayak fishing in since then locally, one cannot catch a Shark in Lake Lavon! Luckily, we have several Readers asking about information and lessons learned from… [read more]

New HubPages Article, “Kayak Buying Tips” #hubpages #kayakfishing

By / July 12, 2017 / Fishing

Been getting questions from Readers recently related the fishing we have been posting about. One of question asked about the kayaks we use for fishing and our thoughts about them. To better answer questions, we have noticed publishing online articles and referencing the link has been working well. Here is our latest article, “Kayak Buying… [read more]

More Kayak Jug Fishing… Testing at Highland Park! #kayakfishing #jugfishing

Made a quick run to Highland Park this morning on Lake Lavon. Was hoping to catch a fish or two with the new jug lines, but ended up striking out. Did get a couple of hits but was not able to hook up. Was promising in that we saw one fisherman with a number of… [read more]

Kayak Jug Fishing… Testing Another Design! #kayakfishing #jugfishing

By / July 8, 2017 / Kayak Fishing, Lake Lavon

Made it to Tickey Creek today; tested another kayak jug fishing design. Test went well; liking the ease of deployment! Just no bites. Luckily, did get some video of what was lurking below! Also, had a hard time catching shad with the cast net but did catch enough to set lines. Trolled jigs and slabs… [read more]

Windy Day But at Least Got a Work Out! #clearlakepark #lakelavon #kayakfishing

By / July 7, 2017 / Lake Lavon

Posted the short snippet of a Gaspergou looking at our lure as we trolled while kayak fishing at Clear Lake Park on Lake Lavon. Fishing buddy caught a Catfish that went for a Slab with a Berkley Fish Gulp in shrimp flavor as a teaser. He also snagged a Gaspergou that was on a line… [read more]

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