Trout Fishing Spinning Gear Demo #troutfishing #fishing

By / January 26, 2020 / Fishing

After several weeks, finally able to get a round of trout fishing in. Headed to Caruth Park Saturday – January 25, 2020, to demo the Trout Fishing 1,2,3 Strategy where we fish with Spinning Gear. Able to find the pattern but failed to limit out… missed several hooksets and then the Cormorant showed up to… [read more]

Don’t Cut Your Fly Line… Please! Fly Line To Leader Connections #flyfishing #tips

By / January 23, 2020 / Fishing

While surfing the net, checked out Texas Fishing Forum’s fly fishing thread. Noted a question that got our attention. “How do I know if a cut off to much of my fly line……..? I’m a newbie and I’m wondering if I cut off to much. I am also looking for some lessons. I want to… [read more]

Testing My GoPro Setup for Underwater Fishing Videos – Take Two! #fishing #gopro

By / January 20, 2020 / Fishing

Missing the Waterwolf Camera. Trying another test of the GoPro setup for underwater action shots of fish. So far, gotta a ways to go. Think this will be a temp solution for now while we search for a replacement to the Waterwolf. Main reason we liked the Waterwolf was the ease of deployment and the… [read more]

Fiberglass Rod Flyfishing with a Tenkara Fly… #cabelas #cgr #orvis #hydros

By / January 19, 2020 / Fishing

Starting to get over a cold, I was able to make it to the local pond and flex the little 2wt fiberglass flyfishing combo – Cabelas 2wt CGR 6’2″ fly rod and Orvis Hydros Sl1 2 wt. Tied several tenkara fishing flies and constructed a 7 foot tapered leader using a 30lbs, 15lbs, and 6lbs… [read more]

Trout Fishing Opportunities, Upcoming Fishing Events, Fishing To Do List #coaffieldteam #fishing

By / January 15, 2020 / Fishing

Quick update from the Team on trout fishing opportunities in the area, upcoming trout fishing events to keep an eye out for, and the Team’s fishing “To Do” list that we are striving to complete….! Trout Fishing Opportunities LLELA – Lewisville (postponed) Waterloo – Denison (1/5) Mike Lewis – Grand Prairie (1/16) Trinity – Fort… [read more]

Cabelas Prestige Plus WF2F Fly Line for the Hydros Fly Reel Delivered! #flyfishing

By / January 12, 2020 / Fishing

Almost there… new fly line delivered the other day at the Cabelas in Allen. Picked it up but this cold and the recent storms has yours truly sidetracked. Do hope to be fishing a pond sooner than later with the Cabelas CGR 2wt Fiberglass Rod and Orvis Hyrdos SL1 soon!

Testing My GoPro Setup for Underwater Fishing Videos – Take One! #fishing #gopro

By / January 11, 2020 / Fishing

Been itching to get more underwater action shots while fishing. Since losing the Waterwolf Camera last year, it has been a bust. But, putting on the thinking cap, came up with a mount for the GoPro… since it’s still in the works, we called this one prototype 1. Water was murky from recent rains, did… [read more]

Hydros SL1 Fly Reel Unboxing! #flyfishing #orvis

By / January 10, 2020 / Fishing

Package arrived from Orvis. Ordered the Hydros SL1 Fly Reel that was on sale at a 60% discount! See video – for more details. Planned to mount it on the Cabelas 2wt CGR Fly Rod. Looks awesome… have a WF 2wt fly line that is delivering next week. Hope to try it out soon… [read more]

How We Fish for Trout Using Spinning Gear… Trout Fishing 123 Strategy!

By / January 6, 2020 / Fishing

Here is a video and infographic we created to detail our approach to fishing for trout using spinning gear. Normally, we use fly fishing gear but we do like to have spinning gear at the ready! Do stay tuned… we plan to demo this strategy on our next trout fishing trip hopefully in the near… [read more]

The Dilemma Solved – Two Fly Rods, One Reel! #flyfishing

By / January 1, 2020 / Fishing

Starting the New Year on the right track, solved a fishing dilemma in hypertime! The dilemma – we have two fly rods, but only one fly reel. The fix – bought a new one of course but… Bought it at 60% off, using a Christmas Gift Card! Here’s to 2020!

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