Fun with Spreadsheets… TPWD 2019-2020 Trout Stocking Schedule #troutfishing

By / November 20, 2019 / Fishing

Fun with Spreadsheets 2019… Texas Parks and Wildlife Trout Stocking Schedule is posted on their website – TPWD. For ease of reference, modified the data to sort by date and to breakout stockings and counts to show estimated counts for a given stocking. Example: Place A is stocked two times this season. It is scheduled… [read more]

Tandem Rigged Streamer and Midge Worked Again…! #flyfishing #blueriver

By / November 17, 2019 / Fishing

Made it to the Blue River in Oklahoma Saturday. Had a great time. Water was clear and fish were active and once we figured out the pattern… able to get them on our stringer! Started with a Tandem Rigged Near Deere and John Deere; same setup that did well last Sunday. Unfortunately, was not the… [read more]

How We Tie the John Deere Fishing Fly #flyfishing

By / November 13, 2019 / Fishing

Here is the fishing fly that we used in a Tandem Rig when fishing the Blue River in Oklahoma Sunday. Had struck out Saturday but came back Sunday and managed to out five trout on the stringer. Had a couple that went for a Tandem Rigged Near Deere with trailing Rainbow Warrior, else it was… [read more]

Blue River Trout Fishing This Weekend! #flyfishing #johndeere #fishingfly

By / November 11, 2019 / Fishing

Was a fun weekend trout fishing on the Blue River in Oklahoma! Recent rains made it tough Saturday with trout caught mainly using bait. Of note were Salmon Eggs and PowerBait. The Team tried their luck with fishing flies, Power Worms, Mouse Tails, and Salmon Eggs. Unfortunately, it was a strike out. Still had a… [read more]

Jug Lining Lake Lavon on a Saturday Morning

By / November 1, 2019 / Fishing

Cold front rolled in and temps drop and rain rolled in. Gave it a week and things warmed and rains quit. Made a run to the lake for jug lining fun. Three of us this round, took the Jon Boat and the Kayak. No Shad to catch with the cast net. Bought some at a… [read more]

Near Deere Give Away! #flyfishing #fishingflies

By / October 28, 2019 / Fishing

Thanks for those who commented on our Blue River Fishing Infographics video we posted last week. Appreciate the support, and oh by the way, bonus time… time to pick a winner of the Near Deere Give Away! Congrats to the Winner!

Lower Illinois River Fishing Map #infographic

By / October 25, 2019 / Fishing

A Year Round Trout Fishery! The Lower Illinois River is one of two year round trout fisheries in Oklahoma. It is stocked with Rainbow and Brown Trout by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) as water conditions allow. To help fishermen interested in fishing the Lower Illinois River, we created an infographic and posted… [read more]

Blue River, OK Fishing License #oklahomafishing #infographic

By / October 21, 2019 / Fishing

Follow-up on yesterday’s video post on Blue River Fishing and places to fish. This one is an infographic and video about Fishing Licenses and other info for fishing the Blue River, OK! Key Links for reference: Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Home Page: Online Purchase: Contact Us: Oklahoma Fishing Guide 2019/2020:… [read more]

Blue River Fishing – Places to Fish #troutfishing

By / October 20, 2019 / Fishing

Trout season is just around the corner with our neighbors to the North in Oklahoma getting a stocking of the Blue River in November. As we get lots of questions asking about fishing the Blue River, decided to post this video and provide details on an Infographic we published on our blog – Hope it… [read more]

No Fishing… DIY Honey Do. #lazysusan

By / October 20, 2019 / Fishing

Alrighty, last weekend was sidetracked with a DIY Honey Do to make a Lazy Susan. Simple build… got it done! Turned out nice. Matched the table too. Able to get back to fishing again in short order. Whew!

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