No Name Fly for Bass Fishing #flytying #flyfishing

By / March 29, 2020 / Fishing

Tied another variant of the BOBTAIL Fly… this one is different, no dumbbell eyes, and only marabou plumes on the hook bend, and then saddle hackle for the body. More to come… Bass were cruising instead of on their beds Saturday. Caught one on a Grasshopper and lost one bringing it in as well. Nice… [read more]

Fly Fishing for Bass with the Bass On Bed Fly #bobtail #bobfly

By / March 27, 2020 / Fishing

Back to the local pond catching bass with the variant of the BOB fly… this one has added plumes to keep the hook riding high while on the bottom. Calling it the BOBTAIL Fly. Caught a little Bass with a Foam Grasshopper and a Sunfish… switched to the Foam Grasshopper because it was hard to… [read more]

Fishing the Bass on Bed Fly #bassfishing #flyfishing

By / March 26, 2020 / Fishing

Able to fish the local pond with the Bass on Bed Fly. First round struck out, had bass on either broke the line; was using 4lbs test. Or, missed the hook set, else Bass threw the hook. Next round, modified the Bass On Bed Fly by adding more marabou plumes tied on the pool bend…. [read more]

Bass Fishing with Senkos This Round #bethanylakes #bass

By / March 22, 2020 / Fishing

Able to fish the local lake Saturday with the break in the rain. Caught four bass that were in their beds. Fun time… do checkout the video, gives an idea how I rig a Senko – new as well as damaged… forgot the Superglue this time. Also, shows some bass takes a little more coaxing… [read more]

When You Can’t Go Fishing, We Can Talk Fishing…!

By / March 21, 2020 / Fishing

Rain and cold has me indoors. No worries, can always talk fishing. Meaning making preps for our next fishing trips. This time it’s about review past videos, current videos, and online scouting. In particular, Senkos for Bass, EmmRod for a commuter fishing rod, and current action on bass and white bass in the area! Of… [read more]

Make Your Senkos Last Longer with Super Glue #emmrod #senko #superglue

By / March 19, 2020 / Fishing

Super Glue and Senkos still works for getting a few more bass on the same Senko. Do see how I use it in the video where I “test” the EmmRod Senko Fishing Rod at the local pond for bass. Skip to 4:50 to see the Super Glue being used. Skip to 6:40 to see another… [read more]

EmmRod Senko Fishing Rod #emmrod

By / March 17, 2020 / Fishing

While cleaning out the closet and organizing fishing gear, pooled the various plastic lures we accumulated over the past couple of years. Of note were the Senko Worms we had both the commercially available one from Gary Yamamoto as well as hand poured ones we made. Also, while organizing things in the room, had a… [read more]

Finding Spawning White Bass in Texas… #sandbass #whitebass

By / March 17, 2020 / Fishing

Back in the day… We would drive by the boat ramp on the Nueces River, and when we saw lots of cars, trucks, and boat trailers, we would put in the jon boat. Then, using a 2hp motor, we trolled upstream a Johnson Minnow. Flat lining the spoon until we got a strike, then we… [read more]

Liking the Discount Switch Rod #flyfishing

By / March 15, 2020 / Fishing

Limited out last weekend at Pebblebrook Community Park pond in Sherman. The discount switch rod worked well along with the Rubber Legged Near Deere and Mop Fly! Had trout readily taking both fishing flies but the Rubber Legged Near Deere seemed to get more strikes than the.Mop Fly. The Discount Switch Rod worked nicely. Ease… [read more]

Favorite Fly Fishing Combo for Pond Trout! #neardeere #onehandedspey #maxcatch #orvis #riotroutmax

By / March 8, 2020 / Fishing

Fished a new pond that was recently stocked with rainbow trout. Located in Sherman, Tx is Pebblebrook Community Park Pond. Last weekend a Trout Derby was held at Pebblebrook; we were not able to make it but we anticipated lots of trout would be on the prowl Saturday morning. They were… water was murky but… [read more]

  • COAF Live Chat Q&A – Quick Update #neardeere

    By / March 4, 2020 / Fishing

    Thanks for joining us today for updates and Q&A! This round we talk about TRWD Flyfest – an annual event held on he banks of the Trinity River by the Acme Brick Company where Bruiser Trout are stocked for participants to catch! For more details see: Also, we talk about the Near Deere Giveaway… [read more]

  • Tying the Rubber Legged Near Deere #flytying

    By / March 3, 2020 / Fishing

    This video we mention two fishing flies… the Rubber Legged Near Deere and an Pearl Chenille Streamer. The Rubber Legged Near Deere worked well on stocked trout at two local ponds. The Pearl Chenille Streamer worked well on Striped Bass at Denison Dam as well White Bass on Lake Lavon Do check out the video… [read more]

  • Fishing Updates from the Team!

    By / February 29, 2020 / Fishing

    Been out of pocket fishing but am able to post a quick update on Team happenings as well as last Sunday’s fishing at Towne Lake in McKinney where we limited out on trout using the Rubber Legged Near Deere!

  • Derby Day Trout Fishing with the RIO Trout Max #flyfishing

    By / February 28, 2020 / Fishing

    Out and about trout fishing at the local derbies last weekend! Able to limit out on trout… used the MaxCatch 2wt Fly Rod and Orvis Hydros SL1 Fly Reel lined with the Rio Trout Max One-Handed Spey and OPST Lazar Line!

  • Why We Like the Heritage Angler Kayak! #kayakfishing

    By / February 23, 2020 / Fishing

    Great question from a Viewer on the kayak we use. Here is a series of videos that shows why we like the sit inside kayak no longer manufactured by Heritage of Rhode Island. Videos include an overview of the kayak, mods, and other suggested things as well as fishing methods and windy day kayak fishing…

  • Fly Fishing without a Fly Rod #bubbleflyrig #spoonandflyrig

    By / February 20, 2020 / Fishing

    Here is a video that details how to fly fish without a fly rod using two methods – Bubble Fly Rigs and Spoon and Fly Rigs. The Bubble Fly Rig is a proven method for fishing flies use a bubble float cast with a spinning rod and reel. It targets fish feeding on the surface,… [read more]

  • Discount One Handed Spey Combo… MaxCatch Fly Rod, Orvis Hydros Fly Reel, Rio Trout Max!

    By / February 16, 2020 / Fishing

    Been playing around with the 2wt fly rod we picked up on Amazon. Tried an Echo Ion Fly Reel and an Orvis Hydros Fly Reel as well as a WF 2wt fly line and a Rio Trout Max Skagit head for one handed spey casting. After several field tests with the various components, decided on… [read more]

  • Fly Fishing Tip – Emergency Dry Fly Floatant… Carmex Works!

    By / February 15, 2020 / Fishing

    Tied some dry flies before heading out to the local pond that was recently stocked with trout. Although we struck out on trout, did overcome a situation… ran out of the Gink Dry Fly Floatant we have used for years. Fly shop was closed, so what to do? Luckily, while stopping for coffee and donuts… [read more]

  • Fly Rods and Fly Reels We Like #coaffieldteam

    By / February 11, 2020 / Fishing

    Livestream on fly rods and fly reels we like!Livestream on fly rods and fly reels we like! Raining and cold has us indoors but no worries. Feeling much better… coughing less! And, always can talk fishing when not able to go! Fly Rods: Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod (9′-4pc-5wt): 9′ 6wt TFO Pro II:… [read more]

  • COAF Field Team Updates February 10, 2020 #livestream

    By / February 10, 2020 / Fishing

    Updates from this weekend’s fishing fun! Had lots of fun this past weekend fishing for trout at Frisco Commons! It’s Monday, February 10 Updates from this past week Frisco trout stocking happened Lots of people limited out Saturday was sunny. Go to lure, bait, and flies… Lures – Super Duper, Rooster Tail, Kast Master PowerBaits… [read more]

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