More Gulp Garlic Marinade “Testing” #underwatervideo #fishing

By / July 5, 2020 / Fishing

Second test of the Gulp Garlic Marinade. Another inconclusive test that requires us to continue testing to answer the question… Does Gulp Garlic Marinade work? This round, it appeared the fish liked the Gulp when initially treated with scent, but once diluted after soaking in the pond after several casts, it was not certain if… [read more]

Kayaking the Guadalupe #fishing #kayak #pelicankayaks

By / July 4, 2020 / Fishing

Had a fun Friday on the Guadalupe River kayaking and fishing. Water flow was slow; mainly paddled upstream and observed the “tube hatch” as we kayaked to the 3rd Crossing. Did catch a couple of Bluegill and a little Bass. Caught one using a Kastmaster with its hooks removed and a trailing scud. Caught the… [read more]

Fishing the Comal River at Landa Park #flyfishing

By / July 3, 2020 / Fishing

Made it to New Braunfels for some fishing fun. Planned to fish the Guadalupe River by Faust Street Bridge, but it was closed. Headed to Landa Park and fished the Comal River. Was a slow bite with only one Bluegill and a Bass caught. Both went for a Guadalupana!

Casting a Micro Fly Rod Demo #microflyrod #microflyfishing

By / July 1, 2020 / Fishing

Here is the follow up video we mentioned on one of our earlier iFishNews Fishing Podcast and YouTube video about Micro Fly Rods. This video shows five micro flyrods – three are ones we made and have a micro flyreel mounted on them, and two are practice fly rods from Redington and Orvis with a… [read more]

TPWD Answers Our Question about Shad!

By / June 30, 2020 / Fishing

We like using Shad for bait but at times cannot purchase them because the local bait store is out of stock. This is why we like to catch our own plus it saves us money – cost of the cast net and time and effort to catch them, etc… However, due to restrictions related to… [read more]

iFishNews Fishing Podcast #14 – Three Lessons Learned Fishing Denison Dam #fishing

By / June 29, 2020 / Fishing

This podcast we talk about three lessons learned from our recent trips to Denison Dam. It’s a short podcast compared to others but we feel others could benefit on the lessons learned mentioned in the podcast. Do check it out… and Good Luck and Good Fishing!

Favorite Fishing Rig for Fishing Denison Dam… and others, too! #damfishing #texoma #denisondam

By / June 29, 2020 / Fishing

Details on the rig we like to use when fishing Denison Dam… as well as other tailraces. Simple setup that can be changed and/or replaced quickly. Materials: Snap Swivel Hook Launcher Float: Sinker – 50 lbs mono and 12 lbs mono

Denison Dam Fishing for Gar… by Chance Anyone?

By / June 28, 2020 / Fishing

Fished Denison Dam Saturday morning. Initially, planned to bring a Switch Rod to fish Clousers in the runs, pockets, and pools before they started generating power. Quick check of the real-time hydroelectric data and the planned schedule showed two generators online for 24 hours Friday and into Saturday, and possibly Sunday. Adjusted to surf casting… [read more]

Fishing Allen’s Old Stone Dam #flyfishing #switchrod

By / June 25, 2020 / Fishing

TBT to Allen’s Old Stone Dam. Have not fished the dam in some time although we have checked out the area and its improvements recently. Liking the bridge, bank reinforcements, and expanded trails. Been itching to fish it for awhile… able to do so yesterday. After a little tweaking of the pattern and searching spots,… [read more]

Orvis Practicaster and Echo Ion Flyreel aka #microflyrod #microflyfishing

By / June 23, 2020 / Fishing

Having fun fishing with the Orvis Practicaster practice fly rod with an Echo Ion 2/3wt flyreel zip tied to the handle. Combo cast well… have a Cabelas 2wt WF flyline on the reel, and casting a tiny microfly scud and microfly pink midge. Caught a number of small Sunfish and Bluegill but none as small… [read more]

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