Pan Fried Trout Steaks and “Buttery Nipple Cocktails” #coaffieldteam

By / March 28, 2018 / Fishing

Here is another way the Team likes to cook trout. This one calls for steaking the trout instead of filleting it. The trout was a rainbow trout caught the day after TRWD Flyfest 2018. It went 16″ in size and made for some nice steaks that cooked nicely pan fried in olive oil and seasoned with “Slap Ya Mama” Seasoning, Garlic Powder, and Red Pepper Flakes.

We cooked one set for 8″ on one side, and then flipped them over and cooked for another 5″. Another set was cooked fro 5″ on both sides. In addition, we made a simple dipping sauce of Kikkoman Soy Sauce and Lemon, and served with Rice Pilaf and Season Green Beans.

While cooking… yours truly enjoyed a tasty “buttery nipple cocktail” made with 99 Proof Butterscotch Schnapps and Amarula Liqueur. It’s a variant of the standard cocktail that carries a stronger punch… given the 99 proof of the Butterscotch!

Overall, tasty and simple and quick to cook… do try Pan Fried Trout Steaks next time you crave trout! PS: For the Broiled Trout Recipe, check it out at!

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