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Welcome to our Patreon Sponsors Page! We have three levels of Patreon Sponsors:

  • “Just One More Cast” – You have a mild case of Fishing Addiction, and can still stop fishing when called on after “just one more cast”!
  • “Just One More Fish” – You have a moderate case of Fishing Addiction but can still stop fishing but do so in great pain and inner turmoil plus after “just one more fish”!
  • “Fishing Addict” – You have a severe case of Fishing Addiction. You cannot stop fishing, and the only cure is to do more fishing!

For more details and to become a sponsor, do check out our Patreon page at

“Just One More Cast” Sponsors

  • Be our first “Just One More Cast” sponsor!

“Just One More Fish” Sponsors

  • Be our first “Just One More Fish” sponsor!

“Fishing Addicts”

  • Be our first “Fishing Addict” sponsor!


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