Pink Near Deere and a Rainbow Warrior This Round

By / October 18, 2015 / Fishing

Fished a new place today – Heritage Park in Frisco. Park has two ponds – one with a bridge and another one without a bridge. The one with the bridge looked promising; the other one looked too muddy to fish.

Had tied some Pink Near Deere as it was suggested using them when fishing the Lower Mountain Fork River in Oklahoma. Not able to fish the River, opted to give the Pink Near Deere a try using it tandem rigged with a Rainbow Warrior – another suggested fishing fly for the Lower Mountain Fork!

After several casts, started getting strikes but kept on missing the hook sets. On the third cast, had one on but it came off soon after. Next cast, had another strikes and it stayed on – a little Catfish. Looked like the pond was stocked with fingerling Catfish.

Continued to work the pond and caught a number of little Catfish – easily makes the Micro Fishing List! Fun stuff!

Pink Near Deere


Catfish that went for a Pink Near Deere!



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It's always good fun trying out a new spot. More so when you catch a few fish. Those catfish look like fun on a fly rod.


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