PMC Emerger Variant… PMC GNE! #flytying

By / January 22, 2017 / Fishing

Yesterday while fishing Waterloo Park Pond, we mentioned in our earlier post that we ran out of the “go to” fishing fly that the trout were keying on. A hatch was in progress, there were bugs all around, and the trout wanted either a size 16 Griffith’s Gnat or a size 20 Black Midge. Not sure why other than the Griffith’s Gnat pattern mimics a cluster of things hatching.

We did give the PMC Emerger a try, and managed to catch one trout and one bluegill with it although we did miss a number of strikes. But, for the most part, we were getting more strikes with the Griffith’s Gnat than the PMC Emerger. And, since we ran out of them, it took a little bit longer to limit out.

Today, while doing other non-fishing related things, had an idea to try a variant of the two fishing flies, the end result is the PMC Griffith’s Gnat Emerger (aka PMC GNE). It has the bent hook shank, foam indicator, and midge lower half, and then instead of a grizzly hackle tied at the bend, we made the upper portion a Griffith’s Gnat – only one peacock herl instead of three,

Looks promising, maybe in the near future if we can break away from our day jobs, we will “test” this pattern out! Do stay tuned!


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