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Yesterday morning fished Celebration Park’s North Pond. Used a Water Wolf Camera to get underwater video of the fish lurking in the pond – Bluegill, Sunfish, and a couple of Catfish.

Caught several Bluegill and Sunfish using the Micro Fly Rod! Used a size 10 Pink Near Deere that they were readily striking. But, should have went “micro” as the fishing fly was way too big for the scrappy fish.

Later in the evening, fishing buddy suggested fishing the East Pond as Celebration Park. No need to twist this fisherman’s arm to go fishing… rigged up a couple of spinning rods and grabbed some bread for bait.

Prefer to use bread for bait when fishing local ponds as the Catfish have become “trained” by people feeding the ducks with bread. (Liked this method so much, wrote two articles about it… “Fishing with Bread” and “Fishing with Bread: Fishing Rigs“).

The evening round saw lots of strikes and misses – suspect the smaller fish like the Bluegill and Sunfish were having a feeding frenzy over the bread as our rigs sat on the bottom.

However, we did manage to catch several fish. Your’s truly caught a little Bullhead; fishing buddy caught a nice Catfish! Will need to rethink fishing with this person. Seems as if my fish keep getting smaller, fishing buddy’s fish keep getting larger!


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