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Halloween Day last weekend. Was not able to fish the Blue River in Oklahoma but did take the opportunity to practice fishing using the same setup I would use on the Blue River.

Fished the local pond – Bethany Lakes in Allen, for whatever would bite. Opted for a tandem-rigged leading Near Deere and trailing Rainbow Warrior. This is the same rig I like to use when fishing for trout, changing out the fishing flies as the fish dictate.

Caught a Bass and several Bluegill after switching to a single fishing fly and using a short pull, fast retrieve. Another presentation I like to use on the Blue River when the trout are actively feeding on minnows, nymphs, and other emergent.

Do give it a try… especially liking the One Handed Spey setup: Redington Classic Trout 9ft 5wt, Echo Ion 4/5wt reel, and the OPST Commando Head with Lazarline Running Line!