Q&A – Fly Fishing Gear for Cold Weather? #flyfishing

By / November 26, 2018 / Fishing

Viewer’s Question: Could you do a video on fly fishing gear needed for a trip like this when it’s cold? I don’t have waders but want to see what else I would need.

Initial Answer: …will keep one in mind next trip when it’s cold and freezing. For the most part, we use the same fly fishing gear – fly rods, reels, and fishing flies… we may adjust the fishing flies to match the hatch and go smaller in size for some of the midge patterns. Else, the main change are the waders and clothing… we use insulated neoprene waders, wear wool socks, under armour cold weather undergarments, a wool sweater, and add more layers as needed. Also, in snow or freezing rain, will add gore tex rain gear. For gloves, we bring leather insulated gloves lined with wool but may try the ones we used for kayak fishing… they seem to insulate well enough at times. Hope this helps. …oops. we also wear a wool cap.

Expanding on our initial answer, we posted this video. We hope it helps others thinking of fishing in cold weather, too!

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