Quick Fishing Update… Finally Broke The Streak!

By / July 14, 2019 / Fishing

Fished Lavon last Friday and struck out, then Denison Dam last Saturday and struck out, too! Went to Texoma last Sunday, and struck out again!

No chance to fish until this Saturday… finally broke the streak by fishing Stoney Hollow Park Pond using the TFO 6wt Fly Rod and Echo Iion 6/7wt reel. OPST Commando Head did well casting into the wind!

Managed a Bass, a fingerling Bass, and little Bluegill as well as a nice sized Bluegill. Used a Tube Fly Popper to take the Bass, a Foam Damsel Variant for the fingering Bass, and then a Red Marabou Damsel Fly and a Guadalupana for the Bluegill!

Lots of fun! Feel much better having broken the streak!

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