Quick Tie – Foam Spider aka Bream Getter #coaffieldteam

By / July 20, 2018 / Fly Tying

Picked up the Foam Spider Fly Tying Kit from Feather Craft. Simple pattern with all the parts needed in the kit save for thread and fly tying glue. Makes 24 fishing flies and looks really like the Betts Bream Getter we like using for Bluegill.

Easy instructions included with pictures. In our video, we followed the instructions except used UV Glue and made the legs longer than the Bream Getter – about double the size. Being attracted to long legs swaying about in the water, figured fish would like them too! LOL!

Do give this a try, easy and simple to tie. And, extremely effective on Bluegill! PS: There is a book dedicated to tying Foam Spiders – Foam Spider Fly Tying Book.

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