Quick Trip to Bethany Gets a Trout and a Bass! #flyfishing #switchrod

By / January 2, 2017 / Bass, Bethany Lakes, Rainbow Trout

Short on time today but was able to make a quick trip to Bethany Lakes. Caught a trout on a Griffith’s Gnat, missed a couple more, and then decided that my mojo was off and went for a couple of casts in the Main Pond with the Switch Rod and a Near Deere. Mojo came back with a Bass caught on the fly!

PS: Great meeting TFF’s zenmic this evening!

Log Book Entry: 1/2/17

  • Bethany Lakes – Pond C, Main Pond (Allen)
  • Time: 17:30 – 19:00
  • Weax: Clear, Short Sleeves, Calm
  • Rod: Cabelas TLR Switch Rod 6wt – 11′
  • Reel: Lamson Liquid 4 – 5wt RIO Switch Chucker Spey Line



  • More sight casting to passing schools of trout. Schools were roaming the pond but tending to the NW side of Pond C where someone was chumming with bread.
  • Hatch was in progress but schools were not staying in the area we fished by the pier for very long. Only a short window to sight cast, and then the trout were gone.
  • Similar to yesterday, the trout were chasing fishing flies as the fly line was picked up for the next cast.
  • Later, moved to the Main Pond for a chance at Bass. Did catch one using a steady retrieve.



  • 1 Rainbow Trout – 10″ – COAF Griffith’s Gnat – Sz 16
  • 1 Largemouth Bass – 12″ – Olive Near Deere – Sz 10 at 1/124oz


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