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While on the way home from the day job, had the fishing bug strike. Luckily we keep a Micro Fly Rod in our backpack at the ready for these instances. This round fished Crowley Park in Richardson; caught a Bass and a Bluegill on a Foam Grasshopper. Had others short strike but not able to hook them.

Video shows the Micro Fly Rod variant that we made that collapses and has larger rod guides than the original ones that came from the manufacturer. Micro Fly Rod casts 30′ without an issue; only need to adjust the timing of the forward and backcast and we tend to use a sidecast more often than not.

Do give it a try and make one… for ideas on how to make one, see our article COAF Micro Fly Rod

The company we ordered the original rod and reel have since gone out of business. However, this one is similar on Amazon:
Pen Rod on Amazon

PS: Gotta have some Shakey Graves for background music!