Quick trip with the Telescoping Micro Fly Rod

By / May 5, 2019 / Fishing

Went kayak fishing yesterday on the local lake. Caught five Catfish using Shad on Juglines. Filleted them and cooked them blackened fish style. Tasty meal but still got a ways to go before the video is done; will get it posted soon as we can….

For now, did a quick trip with the Telescoping Micro Fly Rod trying to catch a small fish on a size 32 fly… correction size 28 fly! Bluegill took it, switched to a size 18 Griffiths Gnat and caught a Sunfish.

Fun times, especially with a rod that fits conveniently in a pocket. Do stay tuned for more on yesterday’s kayak fishing video!

For more on Micro Fly Rods, see “…Micro Fly Rod”

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