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The other day we caught a nice Bass using a Bluegill for live bait at Celebration Park’s East Pond. Decided to try it again using a Water Wolf Camera to get underwater video of the action. Brought a spinning rod for fishing the Water Wolf Camera and Live Bait Rig. Also, brought the two piece Micro Fly Rod and the midge pattern we tied at Tuesday’s Dallas Fly Fishers’ free fly tying classes held at Cabelas in Allen every Tuesday this month!

Park was busy with lots of activity but as the norm, no one was fishing the pond. In short order caught a little Bluegill, baited up the Water Wolf Camera and Live Bait Rig, and casted the rig into the pond. Let it sit for about 15″ then decided to check it. While doing so, dropped the rig and broke the cabling used to connect the hook and line to the camera… Bummer.

Put the camera away, and shifted to fishing the Micro Fly Rod. Caught a number of little Bluegill and Sunfish. All were small but were still fun to catch. While fishing, was asked by someone to demo the casting of the Micro Fly Rod. Showed how the fly rod casts… below is the video of the quick trip to Celebration Park’s East Pond that shows how we started the day trying for an action shot with the Water Wolf Camera and Live Bait Rig, fishing with the two piece Micro Fly Rod, and then shifting to a demo of the little fly rod.

Fun stuff!

PS: Two Piece Micro Fly Rod is made with the top two sections of an 8wt Fly Rod that we broke but did not want to throw it away. Recycled it by making it into a Micro Fly Rod using a reel seat from a Pen Fishing Rod and a mini Fly Reel.

Pen Rod: https://amzn.to/2RwLvne
Water Wolf Camera: https://amzn.to/2ylIYDT


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