Quick Update – April 17, 2018 #coaffieldteam

By / April 17, 2018 / Bethany Lakes

Quick update this evening… past weekend was busy but no fishing. Did have fun wine tasting and picking out a bottle of sweet red wine for later enjoyment.

Also, posted the article – Fly Tying – The PMOT, pattern we have been using to replace the Damsel Fly. Seems to illicit more strikes when the fishing fly is sinking slowly or resting on the bottom compared to the Damsel Fly. Finally, had a bite at Rudy’s Barbecue and Country Store in Allen… next to Cabelas. Tasty meal!

For the remainder of the week, work will sidetrack things but at least the lawn is trimmed, edged, and mowed… so, if an opening during the week to fish a pond or two shows, will go fishing!



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