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By / August 5, 2018 / Fishing

Been out of pocket lately but have been able to wet a line or two and post about it as well as post a video on our YiuTube Channel on pond hopping with the OPST Commando Head on our mojo rod – the 9′-5wt Fly Rod. Followed up with a second video to demo the Over the Shoulder Cast and how we do so using the same rod and shooting head.

Also, made it out several time to the local lake for kayak fishing. Action has not been as good in year’s past but no worries… always good to get some exercise in even when the fish are not biting. We are still working on the Bottom Bouncing Jig video to show how we use this method when kayak fishing. Do stay tuned; will keep editing and preparing it for release… hopefully sooner than later!

Here are some quick updates on “happenings” from the Team…

After many years of great service, had to retire the old Columbia sandals we like to use for kayaking. Luckily, we had a backup pair at the ready… which was needed, as we also learned how to load three kayaks in the back of the little Toyota Tacoma… “burial services” for the tried and true sandals were later held that evening.

The backup Columbia are black instead of grey like the old ones… this will be our third pair of the same model but first time in black. And as seen below, they make for awesome kayak fishing tans!

Continuing on the kayak updates, did have to fix a crack in the Heritage Featherlite Kayak. Ended up plastic welding it using Hobie’s Kayak Welding Kit. Cosmetically it does not match the kayak’s color but structurally, it is fixed and ready for the water!

While in the work week blues… bumming about the “no fishing time” and all about work time, managed several ukulele time videos to lighten things up. Here is one that we put together one evening after work…


At some point we did make it to a pond, and learned that Bluegill will continue to strike a Foam Grasshopper even when the rubber legs have been torn off after catching a bunch of them!

Last but not least we released the new version of iFishNews that expands the information provided from North Texas and Oklahoma to a much wider area. And, we welcomed our newest Field Team Member – Charlie the Maltese Puppy!

PS… also made video to show the concept of “easy loading kayaks, will get used more often”!

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