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Friday was crazy with a near disaster averted due to Good Neighbors with garden hoses, and the Fire Department responding quickly to the 911 call! Grass caught fire and the wind fanned the flames catching the neighbors fence on fire…. whew! Neither houses were damaged!

Made it to TRWD Flyfest 2018! Had other commitments that day but having been to the first and second TRWD Flyfests in 2016 and 2017, respectively… had to make every effort to make it to 2018! Being an Aggie and Traditions being always at the forefront… shifted schedules and made it this year… till Noon at least! Did not catch a trout but did see others in the Big Trout Contest catch them!

Came back Sunday morning and fished the Trinity River starting around 9am to 3pm… had a strike or two but was not hooking up! Luckily, did get a trout to take an Olive Near Deere. Went 16″ and made for some nice trout steaks for Dinner!