Rain Delay But No Worries… Check Out the Team’s Articles

By / December 18, 2014 / Article

The Field Team is in a delay pattern as rain arrived in our area. Cold temps brought temps down as well, even heard the heater kick in today.

No worries though, the Team – specifically our Web Admin, is working hard to get the website’s settings and content ready for prime time.

So far, we uploaded the Home, About Us, and Blog pages. Then, we began working on the Articles page and its subtopics.

At this point, Readers should be able to browse the website and navigate to the various embedded links and access our articles we have published over the years. Do give our Articles a look when you get a chance!

That said, we are calling it a day and will plan to pick up again tomorrow.  Till then, we hope things clear out soon… possibly by the weekend, so we can make another fishing trip to somewhere stocked with Trout!

Fun stuff… Till then, Good Luck and Good Fishing!



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