Re-Stocked the Tackle Box….

By / December 15, 2015 / Fishing

Tackle Box is filled!

Stopped by Cabelas after work today to re-stock the tackle box with ultralight lures that we like to use when fishing for Rainbow Trout – specifically, Kastmasters, Roostertails, and Super Dupers.

Did not have all the sizes and colors we were looking for but did have the key ones we like to have at the ready when fishing a recently stocked pond!

PS: Audio starts after about 15 seconds. Working on getting it corrected on YouTube, still processing as of 8:50 PM Central, 12/15/15.



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For ultra light lure fishing I usually take along a box with an assortment of Rooster Tails, Celtas, Crickhoppers, Devons and a packet of Berkley Power Nymphs with light jig heads. Last time I tried the latter in my local creeks, the trout loved them!
I have a few small Super Dupers but have never tried them. Do they work well in running water?
Cheers, Steve.


Thanks for the tips Steve! Rooster Tails and Berkley Power Jigs have worked for us. May be tough to find the other lures you mentioned here. For Super Dupers, have tried them in several rivers with success!


The originally made in France Celtas may go by a different name over in the US. They are now made in China and they aren't as good quality as they used to be. They are similar to a Mepps lure. Crickhoppers are made by Rebel, again now made in China. I probably bought the last few in Australia that were at that time made in Mexico. Devon lures are an old favourite trout lure here in OZ and are still made here by a few lure manufacturers, including Tillins of Tasmania who make Cobra lures which are similar to Tassie Devils, which you may have come across over your way. I caught my first trout on a lure with a Devon lure, so I have a bit of a soft spot for them.
I'll have to try out those Super Dupers soon.


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