More Reports from Bethany Lakes

By / December 26, 2014 / Bethany Lakes

Fshng84 sent another report from Bethany Lakes. He included video and an onsite Podcast. He went with Zeke, who brought his dog but no fishing pole. Zeke just wanted to stretch his legs and watch the action. Here are key notes from today:

  • Game Warden checked fishing licenses this morning, be sure your license is up to date
  • Black Super Duper was the go to lure; tried gold, silver, and copper… one hit on the silver
  • Bubble Fly Rigs with a Black Nymph were getting strikes
  • PowerWorms under a Bobber were getting strikes as well

Video clip shows action on the Black Super Duper:

Onsite Podcast from iFishRadio’s Fshng84:

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