A Round at Bethany Lakes

By / May 28, 2016 / Bass, Bethany Lakes, Bluegill, Sunfish

Fun time this evening catching Bluegill, Sunfish, and Bass on the Micro Fly Rod. Started with a Foam Grasshopper but then switched to a Tenkara Fly.

Had a number of bites with the Foam Grasshopper but kept missing the hook set. After switching to the Tenkara Fly, had a better hookup rate.

No Bruisers save for a run on some nice size Bluegill that were making a nice bend in the little fly rod. Sure glad to have made use of that broken 8-Wt to make this rod. Fun stuff!

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Nice looking bluegill and sunfish. Pity we dont have them here in Australia–they look a lot of fun.


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