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By / January 28, 2018 / Rainbow Trout

Fished Rowlett Community Park Pond Saturday. Been a while since we last fished the pond but luckily, had Google Maps to guide us there. Still have to pass through a subdivision to access the park. Else, it remains as we remembered it… baseball fields, a landfill, and two ponds.

Brought the 4wt flyrod with the Trout Max Shooting Head and SlickShooter mono running line. Also, setup with an olive Near Deere set 4′ below a strike indicator. For the spinning gear, used Corn and Power Bait rigged with a simple split shot as well as a carolina-rig when the strikes were extremely light. Also, tried a Super Duper, too.

Bite was slow with one big Shad foul-hooked on the Near Deere, and no fish taken with bait or with the Super Duper. Stuck it out for about an hour and half, then moved around looking for activity.

Luckily, action picked up in a cove near a feeder creek. In short order had trout striking the Near Deere. Limited out with five, and released two others. Also, saw one fisherman land a nice Catfish!

Fun stuff with the added bonus of the trout being larger than ones caught a Bethany Lakes and Waterloo!

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