Saturday’s Fishing Action at Beavers Bend

By / August 24, 2015 / Lower Mountain Fork, Rainbow Trout

Here is the follow-up video from Saturday’s fishing trip to Beaver Bend State Park in Oklahoma.

  • Was able to get an underwater shot of one fish lurking in the pool where we caught the 18″ Rainbow Trout
  • Learned the camera works much better when it’s turned on
  • Was able to get action shots of one fish that we lost when it threw the fishing fly
  • Was able to get action shots of the two fish that were caught
  • Although the second fish caught was smaller of the two, it took longer to land it due to several runs to the fast current

The flood from earlier in the year damaged the area and changed key fishing areas but overall it was good to see the fish were still biting!

Used a Five Weight Fly Rod/Reel and fished a Tandem Rigged Near Deere and trailing Prince Nymph. Worked several pools and runs along Spillway Creek.

Hooked a couple of Trout but lost them shortly after when they threw the fishing fly. Also, hooked and landed two nice Rainbow Trout – 18″ and 15.5″ trout that put up a great fight (as well as a great dinner Saturday evening – see Grilled Plank Recipe).

Several others chased but turned away last minute from the Tandem Rig. Also, of the two that were hooked and landed, both went for the Prince Nymph.

Had a great time fishing. Liked that it was warm enough that we could wet wade; no waders needed this round! Also, saws other doing well catching them with bait but unfortunately, was not able to see what baits they were using.

Fun stuff!

15.5″ Rainbow Trout…

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