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By / July 12, 2020 / Fishing

Took the new GoFish Camera out to City Complex Pond in Murphy, TX for some scouting… fish scouting for Bass!

Used to do this in the past with the Water Wolf Camera but our efforts were on hold since we lost the camera last year.

After several hits and misses using the GoPro Hero (older model), took advantage of the price drop of the GoFish Camera and ordered one.

After a few oops in setting the camera, able to put a live bluegill on the hook and observe the underwater action.

It was mainly bluegill and a little bass “eyeing” the live bait, and then it was turtle avoidance after the turtles started showing up and taking the bait!

Did get a brief glimpse of a bass. Looked like one of the bigger bass that we used to see in pond in past years.

Unfortunately, the pond’s clarity was not as good as it normally is. But, after tweaking the video settings and slowing the speed, we were able to see the outline of the bass.

Good to know there is a nice size Bass still in the pond… now, if we can get the turtles to leave our bait alone long enough for a Bass to take it.

Oh well, till next time!

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