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Planned to fish a pond located North of us, then decided last minute to go West to the city of Flower Mound to fish Heritage Park. Its pond was recently stocked with Rainbow Trout.

Trout were there but were really picky. Did manage to catch some on a Gold Super Duper and a Pat’s Near Deere fishing fly before switching to bait – Shrimp is what the trout preferred as well as bread. They were biting on Corn initially but did not want PowerBait or PowerWorms.

The little three foot Bass Pro Shop’s rod and Shimano Scorpion 17 BFS reel casted nicely. But, no long casts were needed. Trout were lurking right below us near the pier!

Limited out with five trout; really small ones. No worries was a fun time.

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Rod and Reel Used!