Sidetracked… Standup Longboarding with Kahuna Creations Paddlestick! #longboarding

By / September 1, 2018 / Fishing

Sidetracked with the day job and now standup longboarding. Had fun using a kayak paddle as a longboarding paddlesitck, then made one using PVC… liked the concept!

Decided to buy a Kahuna Creations Paddlestick. Came in Thursday August 30th, took for a quick “test drive”. Works well; really like the “tire tread” that contacts the ground when “paddling” and the adjustable length.

Able to change the length to the paddle hold I am using at various times… cruising slow, turns, and steeper slopes. Fun stuff… now may have to buy my own longboard and give back my buddy’s that I “borrowed”.

PS: Gear used…
Kahuna Creations:
Sector Nine Longboard:
Bones Swiss Bearings:

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