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Rain had us delayed this morning but after the “cloud” passed was able to set jug lines. Today’s catch was four Catfish – one caught kayak fishing, three caught jug fishing. Smallest was 13″, then 15″, 18″ and 20″ in length. Used four different jug lines – the ones we made recently, Jugger jug lines, flagging jug lines, and Free Floating jug lines. One Catfish on each type except for the Free Floating one; no takers on them.

Overall was a fun time; will like go back to the new jug lines we made that act like a marker buoy. Did add weights to several of the Jugger jug lines; should work like the new ones we made!

Although white is no longer a requirement for jug line floats in Texas, we saved the link from Amazon where we purchased them in the past:

Also, someone asked about the clips we use to attack our hooks to the main line. We use Trot Line Clips:

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