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Worked on the Micro Fly Rod for a little, and then headed to Murphy City Hall Pond when it looked like the rain was slowing down.

Rod handle now has the reel seat and the hook keeper is in place. Next step is to wrap the rod guides. Was going to do work on them today as well but when the rain slowed, decided to throw on rain gear and head for Murphy City Hall Pond.

Slower bite this round compared to other days. Tried an Olive Near Deere, Tandem Rig with a Soft Hackle, Tandem Rig with a GRHEN, and with a Strike Indicator. No luck with them.

Went back to the Olive/Brown Near Deere, used a 10-12 count before beginning the retrieve, then used long pulls with a 4-6 count wait between pulls.

Limited out with five but had one break off, lost two others to missed hook sets, and caught two Bluegill… Fun stuff!

Reel Seat and Hook Keeper in place!