South Lakes Park Pond in Denton This Round

By / November 26, 2016 / Fishing

Been fighting a cold and have been indoors these past few days. However, just could not let the day pass without wetting a line. Decided to check out South Lakes Park Pond in Denton this afternoon in hopes of Rainbow Trout.

The pond was recently stocked on Wednesday. Not sure how the trip would go; been some time since we last fished the pond.

Brought a 5WT flyrod and fished a Near Deere as well as a Tandem Rigged Near Deere and GRHEN. Had one strike while walking the bank, so stayed there and ended up catching two little Crappie and a Bluegill.

Continued to work the pond and had several strikes fishing the Tandem Rig under a strike indicator but failed to set the hook in time. Kept at it for another hour and managed to catch one more undersized Crappie.

Overall, had a fun time getting out on a chilly but nice day.



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