Stepping Up the Fund Raising Game… Beach Shark Fishing by Drone!

By / February 19, 2018 / Fishing

Be it Patreon sponsors and/or donations, we are stepping up the fund raising game to reach our fishing goal of beach Shark Fishing by Drone on the Texas Coast in 2018 and/or 2019! To get things started, we created a Patreon page with various tiers of sponsorship.

However, for those who want to show their support but stray away from the Patreon commitment, we are offering a simple donation option – specifically, for a $3.00 or more donation, will send a sample Olive Near Deere and a Thank You Note!

For more details, go to our Patreon page!

Note: Offer limited to the US currently; one sample per donation and mailing address and while in stock.


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