Stream Side Etiquette – How Far Should I Fish from another Fisherman… #infographic #flyfishing

By / December 22, 2019 / Fishing

Question from a Viewer on our YouTube Channel – COAF Field Team concerning how far up or downstream should you fish to give others their space.

Initial answer was to defer to others for more input but did suggest talking to the other person to confirm where they are fishing. Made sense… but, found the answer lacking.

COAF YouTube Channel Q&A

So, decided to research further, and after a review of the top 3 Google Search results for “Stream Side Fishing Etiquette” learned the following.

  • Maintain a distance as not to disturb the water that a fisherman is fishing.
  • Ask if it is okay to fish the area, pointing out where you desire to fish,
  • And setup at a distance where your cast will not hinder the other’s cast.

For ease of reference, posted an Infographic – Stream Side Fishing Etiquette on our blog that provides more details on the tips and suggestions provided by the Top 3 Google Search Results. Those sites were:

Stream Side Fishing Etiquette Infographic
Video that details the information in the Infographic

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