Sunday on the Blue; Only One This Round! #blueriver #troutfishing

By / November 21, 2016 / Blue River, Rainbow Trout

Struck out Saturday on the Blue River. Went back Sunday and almost struck out again. Luckily, caught one Rainbow Trout using Power Bait… whew!

Regardless, had a fun time fishing the river. Saw lots of trout, some were interested in fishing flies but Power Bait, Salmon Eggs, and in one instance Frog Lures!

Met one fisherman who makes a lure called the Frog Lure that is patterned after a soft plastic used for Bass. These are scaled down, have garlic in them, and are fished on a jig head using spinning gear.

Having brought only fly fishing gear, was able to make do casting them with the Switch Rod. Did have several trout chase the lure, even had three on the hook briefly but was not able to close the deal and land them.

No worries… two days on the Blue River sure beats work!


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Those soft frog lures look interesting. I'd be keen to try them on our trout over here in Australia.Let me know when that angler sets up his site to sell them.
Glenn, still haven't had a chance to get those Neere Deere flies wet. Hopefully sometime over the next three weeks of my holidays. That is, if it stops raining!


Hi Steve,
Will keep an eye out for the lures. Trout seemed to like them when nothing else was working! Bummer on the rain. Look forward to future fish reports!

Enjoy the holidays; hope to do the same here, too!

Take care,


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