Sunday Round at Bethany!

By / October 25, 2015 / Bass, Bethany Lakes, Bluegill, Sunfish


Cooler Temps and rain these past few days may have changed the pattern. But, since we have not been able to fish since last Sunday, not sure what the pattern was in the first place! No worries, decided to give Bethany Lakes a try this morning.

Started out with a Pink Near Deere and Rainbow Warrior Tandem Rig. Fish were striking on the Near Deere, so removed the Rainbow Warrior and fished the Near Deere. Lost the Pink Near Deere to a tree; tied on an Olive Near Deere and caught more fish.

Not sure how many we caught and released but the bite was steady! Was using a Strike Indicator but removed it as the fish were wanting a short pull retrieve with a slight pause in between pull. Fun stuff!


Little Bass….

Olive Near Deere takes one!


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