Surfcasting without the Surf…!

By / May 18, 2016 / Lake Lavon, White Bass

Dusted off the surfcasting gear and headed to the point at Brockdale Park on Lavon. Tried the Sabiki Flies and hooked up with White Bass. But, lost the rig to a snag. Will have to tie more! Switched to Crappie Jigs, Tube Jigs, and various fishing flies. Caught more on them; lost count after 20.

Fish started out closer to shore but later went further out. Was able to cast for distance and reach out to them. Went past the second line marker on the reel, so casted at least 120 yards out but most strikes were about 75-100 yards.

Sabiki Flies made from Bevita wrapper

Only four or five were keepers, the remainder were undersized. Still lots of fun surfcasting without the surf!

PS: Liking these Sabiki Flies made with mylar-like wrappers. Last time we used Fritos. This time Bevita since we ran out of the Frito bag, Looks like the fish had no preference either way.

Also, for the Sabiki Flies we made today, we used jig hooks as we ran out of the ones we used in the picture. Fish had not preference either!


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