Brockdale Park

  • Brockdale Park is Open… Struck Out But Still Fun Surf Casting!

    By / July 6, 2019 / Fishing

    Setup the surf casting rod and made the run to Brockdale Park (Lavon). Thought the park was closed, planned to walk down from the gate. Arrived and found out it was open. Drove down to the parking area. Lake level is up. Able to get some great surf casting practice in. No fish but did… [read more]

  • How We Load Our Kayak… #kayakfishing

    By / May 29, 2017 / Lake Lavon

    Struck out today but did get a good workout in kayak fishing. Tried Brockdale Park on Lake Lavon without a strike. Should have taken the hint when we did not see any Shad moving about. Used the fish finder to locate submerged structure but did not see any fish hanging out in the spots we… [read more]

  • “The Point”… #brockdalepark

    By / April 24, 2017 / Fishing

    Question: “Where is the “Point” referenced in our videos for Brockdale Park? Answer: Just to the right of the boat ramp as you face the water. See picture.

  • Brockdale Saturday!

    By / July 18, 2016 / Lake Lavon

    Made it to Brockdale (Lake Lavon) Saturday. Put in the kayak and rigged up with a Crappie Jig and Slab Rig. Lots of wind and waves making the water visibility tough for the Water Wolf Camera. Luckily, did get a glimpse of a little gar! Will have to try again once the water clears up!… [read more]

  • Thursday’s Kayak Fishing Action at Brockdale Park

    By / June 12, 2016 / Fishing

    Video of the action Thursday (June 9, 2016) at Brockdale Park is posted below. Bite was on with the White Bass going for the Sabiki and Slab Rig. Caught over 30+ but only five were Keepers. Did have a sixth Keeper but lost it while putting it on the stringer. Decided to make a better… [read more]

  • Bethany Creek Park Pond Yesterday… Quick Clip Today!

    By / June 9, 2016 / Fishing

    Fished Bethany Creek Park pond yesterday and caught a number of Bluegill using a Foam Grasshopper, and then later using an Orange/White Tenkara Fly. Went with the Four Weight and had a blast catching them. Today, went kayak fishing at Brockdale Park (Lake Lavon). Windy with waves to deal with but the action was fast… [read more]

  • More Kayak Fishing at Brockdale!

    Caught four Keepers yesterday while kayak fishing at Brockdale Park. Bite was steady with more calm waters and minimal wind. Caught a few trolling but most were caught jigging! Fun times… will be back. Did go fishing today at Bethany Creek Park pond. Working on the video; lots of Bluegill!

  • What a Difference a Day Makes…!

    By / June 7, 2016 / Lake Lavon, White Bass

    What a difference a day makes. Went kayak fishing on Lake Lavon Sunday. Dealt with windy conditions and lots of waves from the wind, boats, and jet skis. Went back out Monday; minimal wind and waves… very nice! Fished the east side of the lake Sunday putting in at the South Ramp and then working… [read more]

  • Windy Evening But They Were Biting!

    By / May 27, 2016 / Lake Lavon, White Bass

    Been sidetracked with work and things as well as rain storms and strong winds has kayak fishing on hold for now. Did get a break in this evening and made a run to the point at Brockdale Park. Sabiki flies worked well on White Bass, multiple hook ups were happening,… Penn Squall 15 did well… [read more]

  • Different Pattern Today at Brockdale

    By / May 23, 2016 / Lake Lavon, White Bass

    Made it back to the point at Brockdale Park (Lavon). Caught them mainly on Slabs and Crappie Jigs this time. Fishing partner lost her fishing pole; used a handline we keep in our life jackets for backup. Worked well for her. Lost count after 20 caught using the handline. Wind and waves were a little… [read more]

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