Bubble Fly Rig

  • Another Quick Update – Bubble Fly Rig! #coaffieldteam

    By / September 22, 2018 / Fishing

    Rainy Friday, and forecast says 100% chance tomorrow into Sunday. But, the rain does not have us down. Gives us time to catch up on a few things – blogging updates, video edits, and continuing to write the article about the Bubble Fly Rig to answer a Reader’s question on how we fish a Bubble… [read more]

  • Quick Update… Bubble Fly Rig! #coaffieldteam

    By / September 11, 2018 / Fishing

    Quick update from the Team talks briefly of the recent trip to Texoma for some kayak fishing for Stripers, a little fun with the Ukulele, and the lots of fun with the Standup Longboarding! And then, in preps for answering the mail – request from a Viewer on our YouTube Channel to provide details on… [read more]

  • More Reports from Bethany Lakes

    By / December 26, 2014 / Bethany Lakes

    Fshng84 sent another report from Bethany Lakes. He included video and an onsite Podcast. He went with Zeke, who brought his dog but no fishing pole. Zeke just wanted to stretch his legs and watch the action. Here are key notes from today: Game Warden checked fishing licenses this morning, be sure your license is… [read more]

  • Super Dupers and Bubble Fly Rigs at Bethany Lakes

    By / December 22, 2014 / Bethany Lakes

    Received another report from Bethany Lakes from Fshng84. This time the action was good for some; not so good for others.  What worked this round: Silver Super Dupers worked well today Gold Super Dupers were also getting struck Sight casting to boils as well as a steady retrieve of the Super Duper helped get strikes… [read more]

  • Bethany Lakes Saturday Morning, then Waterloo in the Afternoon

    By / December 21, 2014 / Bethany Lakes, Waterloo Park Pond

    The Team confirmed NucLaroche graduated!  it’s back to fishing again… Reports from the Team indicated the action Saturday morning was steady for some while slow for others. In the Team’s case, one Rainbow Trout fell for an Olive Wooley Bugger at Bethany Lakes in Allen. Key notes from the morning round were: Slow retrieve and/or… [read more]

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