COAF Foam Damsel Fly

  • Pattern Changed… Damsel Flies Worked This Round! #damselflies

    By / March 20, 2017 / Bass, Bethany Lakes

    Bass seemed to have developed lockjaw on the Foam Grasshoppers. Tied three purple Damsel Flies, and then fished Bethany Lakes later in the afternoon… caught three Bass. Would have caught more but lost all three Damsel Flies! Used short pulls of the line, and then a short pause before repeating. Bass tended to hit the… [read more]

  • Found a Pattern!

    By / March 21, 2016 / Bass, Bethany Lakes

    Made it to Bethany this evening. Caught one on a Near Deere else it was a slow start. Luckily, found a pattern – COAF Foam Damsel Flies! Bass were readily taking the fishing fly in the “flats”… was surprised given the cool temps but for some reason, they were there. Ended this round with nine… [read more]

  • Monday at Bethany; Tuesday at Kroger Park

    Monday was able to get a round of fishing in a Bethany Lakes. Fished with a Guadalupana, Foam Grasshopper, and a COAF Griffith’s Gnat. Managed to catch several Bluegill and Bass on the Four Weight Fly Rod. Tuesday used the Four Weight Fly Rod again and a Foam Grasshopper to catch little Bass. Did get… [read more]

  • More Fun with Bluegill…

    By / April 15, 2015 / Bass, Bethany Lakes, Bluegill

    Had more fun catching some nice Bluegill from the Lower Pond at Bethany Lakes this evening. Used the four weight fly rod and started fishing with the COAF Foam Damsel Fly. Caught several Bluegill and one Bass, and then started missing hook sets for some reason. Switched to a COAF Guadalupana and began hooking up again…. [read more]

  • COAF Damsel Fly Works, Too!

    By / April 12, 2015 / Bass, Bluegill

    Tied a White COAF Foam Damsel Fly and fished Kroger Park this morning. Saw several nice looking Bass chasing bait fish in the shallows but none wanted the fishing fly. Luckily, the little Bass and one Bluegill really liked the fly! Posted a couple of pictures of two below and a video clip of today’s… [read more]

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