COAF Griffith’s Gnat

  • Fly Tying This Evening… #flytying

    By / January 28, 2017 / Fishing

    Did a little fly tying this evening. Last round we ran out of Griffith’s Gnat; several days ago made a variant of the PMC Emerger that combined the PMC Emerger and the Griffith’s Gnat. We called it the PMC Griffith’s Gnat Emerger or PMC GNE. This evening tied more of the PMC GNE’s and also more… [read more]

  • Griffith’s Gnat and a PMC Emerger at Bethany…! #flyfishing #troutfishing

    By / December 28, 2016 / Bethany Lakes

    Trout were moving about and feeding on the surface at Bethany this morning. After working different parts of the pond, settled in on the “point” and was able to limit out sight casting to passing schools. Caught two on a Griffith’s Gnat, then ran out of the fishing fly… too many “tree fish” liking the… [read more]

  • Griffith’s Gnat on a Caddis Hook Keeps Working…! #flyfishing #trout

    By / December 28, 2016 / Bethany Lakes, Waterloo Park Pond

    Fished the Griffith’s Gnat on a caddis hook on Monday at Waterloo and was able to get a limit. Fished the same fishing fly at Bethany on Tuesday and limited out too! Monday we tried fly fishing an ultralight spinning gear. After trying different fishing flies, came back to the fishing fly that worked for… [read more]

  • COAF Field Team Vlog #29 – Two Limits at Waterloo This Round! #troutfishing #flyfishing

    By / December 24, 2016 / Waterloo Park Pond

    Took a little but found the pattern at Waterloo Park Pond in Denison. After trying a Near Deere and trailing GRHEN as well as several other patterns, went with a COAF Griffith’s Gnat when we saw lots of surface activity. Noticed on several trips to Waterloo in the past that trout were feeding on something… [read more]

  • Three Rainbow Trout Sunday at Bethany Lakes!

    By / December 19, 2016 / Bethany Lakes, Fishing

    Following up on yesterday post – “Quick Trip To Bethany Lakes… Running Errands”, below is the video of the action at Bethany Lakes where we caught three Rainbow Trout using a Tandem Rigged Near Deere and trailing COAF Griffith’s Gnat! It was very cold; we had to keep clearing the rod guides on our fly… [read more]

  • Quick Trip To Bethany Lakes… “Running Errands” #troutfishing

    By / December 18, 2016 / Bethany Lakes

    Running errands for the significant other… passed by Bethany Lakes and had to bend a fishing rod and wet a line given it was stocked with trout recently. Very cold, did see lots of fish activity and fish being caught. After trying different lures and fishing flies, was able to get three using a Tandem… [read more]

  • Sunday Morning at Bethany

    By / September 27, 2015 / Bass, Bethany Lakes, Sunfish

    Headed out to Bethany Lakes this morning for a go at whatever was biting. Action was slow but steady with several Sunfish caught using a COAF Griffith’s Gnat, and then one Bass on a Near Deere, and six Bass that went for a COAF Damsel Fly. No Bruisers but still good to get out on… [read more]

  • Frisco Commons On a Sunday Morning

    By / September 2, 2015 / Bass, Bluegill, Frisco Commons, Sunfish

    Change of pace… went up the road to Frisco and fished the Frisco Commons Pond. It’s the same pond that is stocked with Rainbow Trout during the Winter Trout Stocking Season. Have caught little Bass and Bluegill/Sunfish while fishing for Rainbow Trout in the Winter. Decided to see what was biting during the Summer. Started… [read more]

  • Micro Fishing the Feeder Creek

    By / August 30, 2015 / Bluegill, Micro Fishing, Sunfish

    Did more Micro Fishing yesterday afternoon. Enjoyed a round at the Davis Library Pond yesterday morning using the Kiyotaki 18 Rod; decided to go back out in the afternoon but this time went with a little three weigh fly rod/reel. Worked a GRHEN, Black Midge, and COAF Griffith’s Gnat to catch Sunfish and Bluegill. Littlest… [read more]

  • Beavers Bend State Park…

    By / August 22, 2015 / Fishing

    Giving it a try this Saturday. Tied some Near Deere and COAF Griffith’s Gnats. Let’s see if it works at Beavers Bend State Park, Oklahoma!

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